Our Unique Design Process


At Perfect Pools we do our best to utilize a 2-step design process. The first step is a creating a 2-dimensional pool and backyard design of your property. This allows us to get the vital information our clients want to them faster such as prices and layout. Step 2 is to create a beautiful, accurate, 3D model of the pool, backyard, pool house, spa, waterfall, or any other features wanted so our clients can truly envision what their new home will look like.

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Here at Perfect Pools we strive to make every aspect of pool ownership a stress free journey. Below is an overview of our services however, if you need something done that is not listed here please reach out and we will see how we can help!


pool builds

At Perfect Pools we specialize in pool builds. We build in-ground pools along with pool houses, spas, waterfalls, decking, and landscaping. Perfect Pools handles all aspects of the job from concept and design work all the way to the finished product. 

Renovations & Landscaping

As a Class "A" contractor we are licensed not only to build pools but to renovate pools and backyards. We can handle every aspect of your outdoor living space.



repair work

We know how daunting and confusing repairs can be. Our owners and techs are experts at diagnosis and repair from start to finish. With over 13 years in the pool industry we are here to get in, get out, and get your pool working correctly as soon as possible for you to enjoy again.